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Cisco Telepresence EX Series

Cisco Telepresence EX Series

The Cisco TelePresence™ System EX Series transforms the workplace by combining work, communications, and collaboration - all on the desktop with just the touch of a finger. Colleagues can instantly work together whether they are separated by a hallway, a street, or several time zones. As part of the EX Series, the Cisco TelePresence System EX90 (EX90) and Cisco TelePresence System EX60 (EX60) support vivid, lifelike 1080p30 video, natural collaboration, and the simplicity of a touch screen interface for a complete solution that helps ensure conversations are more productive.

The Cisco TelePresence System EX Series is an all-in-one tool that streamlines the desktop so you can fluidly move from individual work on your laptop to a quick video call with a colleague, to problem-solving over shared spreadsheets. The EX90 is designed for the team leader or manager for immediate presence with customers, partners, and employees. With the EX60, you can share the power of telepresence throughout the organization, designed especially for the knowledge worker or individual contributor.

The Cisco TelePresence System EX60 is part of the broad portfolio of Cisco TelePresence systems offering immersive, multipurpose, and personal endpoints to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. Cisco TelePresence technology powers the new way of working where everyone, everywhere can be more productive through face-to-face collaboration.

  • Video resolutions of 1080p30 and 720p60 bring the Cisco TelePresence experience to the desk.
  • A high-quality PC screen with clear high definition resolution enables a transparent, one-tool device to work, meet, and collaborate.
  • The 8-inch Cisco TelePresence touch screen interface allows for simple control.
  • Collaboration is natural with high definition content sharing, transparent one-touch sharing of high-definition (HD) content, and a built-in document camera feature.
  • A Cisco TelePresence PrecisionHD camera enables video clarity and optimal F1.7, 45-65° or 50° field of view.
  • H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with bandwidth up to 6 Mbps point-to-point provide the possibility to establish calls with very high quality.
  • Dual front speakers provide for superior audio, even including an integrated subwoofer on the EX90.
  • A wideband handset is included; you also can add a headset input for privacy.
  • The EX60 is wall-mountable with select VESA brackets.
  • The EX90 supports embedded MultiSite which brings together up to four locations into one call. Dual display capability (HDMI out) is also available on the EX90 to enable a second display that can be dedicated to content.
  • The system is standards-based for immediate connectivity to anyone regardless of system, from PC video to immersive telepresence, to a meeting room around the globe.

The Cisco TelePresence EX Series offers the new Cisco TelePresence EX60 and ever popular Cisco TelePresence EX90. This family of personal telepresence for the desktop lets you and your colleagues instantly collaborate face-to-face, whether you're separated by a hallway, a street, or several time zones. Access the features you need right from your desktop, with the touch of a finger.

The EX Series includes the Cisco TelePresence touch-screen interface, so you can make and manage telepresence calls with a simple glide of the finger. New enhancements bring even greater usability and simplicity to connecting and sharing content over telepresence.

Primary Features

The Cisco TelePresence EX Series offers a full high-definition 24-inch or 21.5-inch screen. You can use it as both a PC monitor and a telepresence system, giving you more flexibility at your desk.

Other features include:

  • Simple touch-screen control that makes calling and sharing easy and intuitive
  • 1080p30 and 720p60 video resolution for an optimal telepresence experience at the desk
  • H.323 and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) with bandwidth up to 6 Mbps point-to-point
  • Natural, transparent collaboration with one-touch sharing of high-definition (HD) content, and a built-in document camera feature
  • An included wideband handset, with an option to add a headset input for privacy

No matter what your role, the Cisco TelePresence EX Series will become an integral part of your workflow. It helps to enable faster decision making, enhances relationships, and improves efficiency.

Connect face-to-face whenever you need to, at a moment's notice, with Cisco TelePresence EX Series.


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Cisco Telepresence EX Series


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Cisco Telepresence EX Series      

Cisco Telepresence EX Series

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Cisco Telepresence EX Series


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Cisco Telepresence EX Series Cisco Telepresence EX Series Cisco Telepresence EX Series Cisco Telepresence EX Series
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